We are two sisters whose adventure started in 2015. We noticed the lack of unique party decor for our children's parties and we've always had an eye for creativity and detail, so with the encouragement of family and friends we opened up our first business: Pop Tot Celebrations.

 In February 2017, we welcomed a new addition to the family and that brought on a new adventure. It was time to reinvent ourselves! With our love for all things children and a passion to provide quality custom goodies, we couldn't help but rename our business Bébé + Tot. Not only is it the new name of our business, it has special meaning to us because as children the word "bebe" was and still is a term of endearment we say to each other. 

We cannot wait to make your children's milestones memorable and with our custom services, Bébé + Tot will grow with your little one every year!